Why Is The Sage Survey So Important?

Survey Check

The “Sage Survey: Occupation” is the tool that helps Sage’s share their occupational experience, knowledge, and insights. That shared knowledge will help Inquisitives identify the occupations they may be interested in.

How To Know

How do the Inquisitives know which occupations would fit them the best? Occupations which they would enjoy and be successful at accomplishing their goals. In the past, they might read information about occupations which might have some guesses on what type of personalities tended to be in the occupation. Take some tests that would hopefully indicate something. Today with the internet, why not get the information directly from the Sages in the occupations? And the best place to start is having the Sages complete the Sage Survey, which includes the IPIP NEO 120 Personality Survey.

Personality Survey

The IPIP NEO 120 Survey is an established and proven tool over the last two decades. Plus, much research has established that successful people in an occupation tend to share commonalities in their personalities. So LifOpps created the Sage Survey, which includes IPIP NEO 120 Survey.


First, there has to be a sufficient number of Sage’s surveys for statistical accuracy and an adequate number of occupations. Then the Inquisitives can take their surveys (including the IPIP NEO 120 Survey) and compare their results to the Sage’s database. Then it will be easy to identify a certain number of occupations that they could enjoy. And that will help focus their occupational research!

Add How Sages Like Their Occupations

The Sage Survey will ask how the Sage’s liked their occupation(s) (Like Rating from 1 to 5). Combined with the personality surveys, those ratings will start giving a clear matching opportunity. LifOpps expects that a certain number of personality factors/facets (or traits) for each occupation will have the tightest standard deviation numbers. So those traits will be the most important in personality matching.

Top Off With Occupational Characteristics Matching

On top of that, the Sage Survey will ask the Sage’s to provide their opinion (via 30 questions) and comments on their occupation(s) characteristics. Along with comments on their recommendation on how to get into the occupation. The Inquisitives can take their own “desired” occupation characteristics survey and match their results to the Sages.

Now Inquisitives Have Something To Data Mine

With all that information available, including the in-depth freehand answers from the Sages, the Inquisitives will have a database worth data mining. There will be tools encouraging filtering, sorting, and all kinds of statistical analysis. All because the Sage’s started off by submitting a Sage Survey.