LifOpps Founders

We are Gisele T Nguyen and Roy Gill, the founders of LifOpps. Our daughters, Lauren and Makhayla, really helped by providing editing, opinions, original content, thoughts and keeping us focused on the Inquisitives.

The LifOpps dream has been our focus for many years. We created the LifOpp domain back in 2013. But it took this long to bring what we were feeling into existence.

LifOpps First Conversation (Sages and Inquisitives)

The LifOpps dream began when our oldest daughter was in High School. Everyone, including us, was asking her what she wanted to do after graduating. Of course, those questions were well-intentioned and usually related to which college(s) she might be interested in, but at the same time, the question was almost unanswerable. The information she found didn't connect with her. She was a LifOpps Inquisitive before LifOpps even existed.

We could tell her about our experiences in college and the various industry and occupations we had worked in, which we did! However, that was but a "drop in the bucket." There is a vast ever-changing world out there. Even if you got the list of industry and occupations from the US Federal Government, that list was limited (as admitted to by the Federal Government), outdated, and there wasn't any way to connect to the data in a life-changing way. She could take a variety of tests that would, purportedly, help her identify potential occupations. But those tests didn't connect her to any specific industries and occupations in a personal way.

How can you connect with the data without knowing who the people are in the industry and occupation? Do you have a similar personality to those people who like the industry and occupation? Are you focused on similar ideas and goals? Would the people in the industry and occupation do it all over again? If they had a chance to do things again, would they do it differently?

When we went camping in Utah, the night sky gave us the first feelings of what LifOpps could be. The night sky has stars, constellations, and, in lore, characters of all sorts. Many of those characters are what we are now calling Sage type of characters.

How could we bring together those who have knowledge, experience, and insights (Sages) with those who could use that (Inquisitives)? In a safe and science-based way (as best as possible in an uncontrolled group). Which provides real-time personal experience occupation data in a fun interactive method. 

We created LifOpps to answer those questions with the Sage Survey starting the process. The LifOpps process is:

  • Safe: no Sage or Inquisitive contact information is shared.
  • Science-based: scientific studies verify the perception that occupations tend to attract certain personality types.
  • Shares personal industry/occupation data: Sages share their knowledge, experience, and insights about their industry and occupation(s).
  • Interactive: Upon each Sage Survey submittal, LifOpps updates the database and resultant website statistics immediately. When that Sage database is substantial enough for statistical accuracy with a sufficient number of occupations, the Inquisitive Survey will become available. The Inquisitive surveys will include occupation characteristics desires and the same personality survey as the Sages. The Inquisitives will use filtering, sorting, and all kinds of statistical analysis to drill down into the database. As they start finding occupations that match and interest them, they can drill further down into the detailed Sage surveys (surveys the Sages can complete after their initial Sage Survey). There they will find freehand Sage comments along with potential mentors and coaches. 

LifOpps Learning Labs

While coaching (Gisele and Roy are both coaches), some things became evident about the LifOpps mission. For the Inquisitives who don't have specific skills, that Sage database will be of little use. The Inquisitives need to be aware of what is available to them, have the initiative to reach for it, and the necessary skills and self-confidence to achieve it.

Many Inquisitives need just a little help (and some a bit more) to broaden their horizons. To help them build up their initiative, skills, and self-confidence to achieve what they find interesting.

So LifOpps created the Learning Labs to help the Inquisitives.

In addition, LifOpps knows that it must reach out to and help the community to provide support for these Inquisitives where they live. So LifOpps will donate 10% of the regular Inquisitive membership cost.

Ownership Structure

Roy used to work for a civil engineering firm as their Financial Controller (Industry: Engineering, Occupation: Financial Controller). When employees demonstrated a significant contribution to the firms' success (not just doing their job), the firm's majority owner would offer shares (the price was formula-based). That visionary majority owner recognized that allowing ownership to the employees that significantly contributed to the firm's success would drive that success even further. That everyone in the firm, the firm's clients, and existing shareholders would benefit.

We wish to pay that opportunity forward by creating the same opportunity within LifOpps. LifOpps is a Sub Chapter S Corporation, which is the same legal structure as that civil engineering firm. LifOpps identifies significant value contributors to LifOpps, Sages, and Inquisitive's. It will offer the opportunity to purchase shares, with the price based on a formula, to those contributors.

As a side note, there can be tax implications and other risks associated with the ownership of shares. So it isn't necessarily all roses!

But it creates a unique type of ownership that will encourage LifOpps to grow and change as needed to serve all the Sages and Inquisitives of the world.