Pandemic and Sages


The worldwide pandemic has affected all of our lives in everything we do including, in our occupations. Join other Sages in sharing your occupational experience, knowledge, and insights with Inquisitives! All of us feel the uncertainty and even fear of living in this continuing Covid-19 environment we find ourselves in. Our incomes, food and (trying to have a light moment) even in some cases our toilet paper has been affected. Many of us have lost family members, close friends, and …

Black Lives Matter

At LifOpps, we believe that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global mission that will ultimately elevate all humans. It begins first with inquiring and assessing the movement from a personal perspective before addressing the centuries-old societal issues. When we manage how we perceive others within ourselves first, we can begin to change our community and national narrative. One way to look at BLM is if you are a parent with more than one child. Children tend to compete for …

Why Is Information From Sages So Important?

Self Confidence

Anyone in an occupation(s) knows a lot more about that occupation than anyone who isn’t in that occupation. So that person can very appropriately be called a Sage.

Why Important?

To this point, the majority of Inquisitives only have a few Sages around them. Usually, it is their parent(s) or guardian(s) along with a few family members, friends, and hopefully some awesome teachers, preachers, or the like. So the awareness of “what occupations are out there” can be very limited. The LifOpps …


LifOppsSages Providing Inquisitives With”In The Career” Information LifOpps serves to empower and help motivate Inqisitives to recognize their career Life Opportunities. The opportunities begin with personality and occupational insights from the Sage Survey database, Learning ab skill development, and Sage mentoring, all so Inquisitives can discover, get excited about, and achieve their career goals. Learning LabsInfoSage SurveyOnly 30 minutesLifOpps Learning Labs focus on life skills critical to identifying, achieving and being successful in a career.IHave career experience? A personality? ​​😊 …

Why Is The Sage Survey So Important?

Survey Check

The Sage personality surveys are the base tool to help Inquisitives identify the occupations they may be interested in.


How does the Inquisitives know which occupations have the most likely chance of being something they truly enjoy? In the past, they could read information about occupations, maybe even some guesses on what type of personalties tended to be in the occupation, take some tests that would hopefully indicate something. But …