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Learning Lab Locations

In-Person Learning Labs

LifOpps is in Orange County, CA, US. In-person labs can be more effective than remote, but Zoom workshops are the only choice we have with the current pandemic environment. LifOpps will be rolling out the in-person Learning Labs wherever Inquisitives need the skills when the pandemic environment allows. The Sages that lead those labs will be paid, of course. 

Zoom Learning Labs

One great thing about Zoom labs is the worldwide training area, with the only limiter being the availability of the internet. Until we bring on Learning Lab Sages who speak other languages, we are limited to English.

Leading Sages

The Sages who lead the labs will be local to the area they are teaching in, have their background checked, have the necessary skills and desire to teach, and utilize the LifOpps tools and concepts.

Of course, the Sages that lead Learning Labs will earn a payment.