Community Donations

Not Yet Active (Inquisitive memberships not yet available due to insufficient Sage database).

LifOpps will be donating 10% of the regular Inquisitive membership cost in two ways:

    • To the Sages and Inquisitives local community non-profit organizations.
    • To fund scholarships for demonstrated deserving Inquisitives with life challenges.

Community Non-Profit Organizations 

LifOpps will be donating to local non-profit community organizations (in the United States, they will be designated 501c3). Those organizations must have a direct positive impact on young people and helping them, in some way, to identify, prepare for, and achieve their life opportunities.

In some cases, like school districts, that 10% donation will reduce their total cost in purchasing access to the LifOpps database for their students.

Help To Identify

LifOpps will need assistance in identifying the local non-profit community organizations from local Sages and Inquisitives.


To provide demonstrated deserving Inquisitives with opportunities for either or both of the following:

    • LifOpps Inquisitive memberships (access to data)
    • LifOpps Learning Labs


LifOpps knows that giving Inquisitives Life Opportunity information is excellent. But all that information is worthless unless the Inquisitives act on their life opportunities. There are many cases where the Inquisitives can't, or it is challenging to act due to life circumstances beyond their control.

LifOpps intends to have some positive impact on that wherever the Inquisitives are.


LifOpps will be transparent by reporting, with statistics, which non-profit organizations received how much money.