Who Is A Inquisitive?


Inquisitives are anyone who has the initiative to explore their Life Opportunities. Inquisitives are often younger (from older teenagers to twenty-something years old) but not necessarily.

What is the Inquisitive's Occupation Question?

What do I want to do when I grow up?
Citation: Almost all of us have asked ourselves this question!
What do I want to do next?
Citation: A lot of us have asked this question!

Can Sages help Inquisitive's with their question?


In the past we only had our own personal Sages. Possibly parents, relatives, close friends, teachers, coaches, etc. Even for those Inquisitive's who knew a lot of people, their Sages really didn't know about very many occupations. Especially when you consider the fact that there are more than 10,000 different occupations out there. And occupations are being added, and subtracted, every day.

LifOpps gives the opportunity to the world's Sages to share what they know. And for the Inquisitives to compare, sift through, and choose what information works for them.

What Information Is Available To An Inquisitive?

Via LifOpps with the Sages, a lot of information is available!

In the past when you were asked the question "What do you want to do when you grow up?" or "What do you want to do next?", the amount of resources to help you were limited.

  • School resources: are great for what they are, but how detailed are they? How do you know you will match personality-wise with the occupation? Who generated the limited personality information they do have?

  • Federal Government: Has a lot of information but once again, how do you match up to the occupation personality-wise? How to research the database with your desired occupation characteristics?

  • The Sages you know might be really helpful! But how many occupations does that represent? Even if you know many people, the total number of occupations is vast.

Using the LifOpps Sage Database along with the tools available will give you a lot of answers. Of course, the information won't just jump into your brain. You will have to use a little bit of effort to search for it. The first steps are easy. Just take the Inquisitive Survey.

Why Should Inquisitives Use LifOpps?

The Positives
Available Now:
Not Yet Available:

(Due to small Sage database)

The Negatives: