Pandemic and Sages


The worldwide pandemic has affected all of our lives in everything we do including, in our occupations. Join other Sages in sharing your occupational experience, knowledge, and insights with Inquisitives!

All of us feel the uncertainty and even fear of living in this continuing Covid-19 environment we find ourselves in. Our incomes, food and (trying to have a light moment) even in some cases our toilet paper has been affected. Many of us have lost family members, close friends, and others. For many, our social interactions have been reduced to only electronic communications. Of course, maybe we now realize how important that social interaction is to us as humans!

Many of us lost our jobs or revenue from our businesses. Our savings, if any, have been dwindling. The industries and occupations we work in have all been tremendously affected. The knowledge of those changes, both temporary and permanent, are vital to the Inquisitives as they make decisions on their future occupational choices.

You, as a Sage, have that information! You know what is happening in your particular industry and occupation. Your sharing that information with Inquisitives is vital!

Attribution: Pandemic by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay