Survey Data Analysis

Survey Data Analysis

Survey Data Analysis is not yet available due to the Sage Database being too small. Below are explanations on what some of the functionality will include.

Data Analysis Story

Currently, there are academic and occupational guidance provided via career websites, psychological tests, data, and well-intentioned counseling. Their focus is to help students identify a potential occupation and resultant academic path, including a list of colleges and majors.

However, the Inquisitive still struggles with these questions:

  • Will I have fun?
  • Will it be exciting?
  • How fulfilling will it be?
  • Will my personality fit the occupation?
  • Is the training commitment worth it?
  • How will my career progress?
  • Will I like the people in the occupation?
  • Will it work with my other life goals?

Lifopps is taking the knowledge, insights, opinions, recommendations, and reflections from Sage's occupations and personalities..

When the Sage Database reaches a statistically significant sample size, LifOpps will make the following data analysis available for both Sages and Inquisitives.

Below is an example of the LifOpps Engine that drives the data analysis.


The Inquisitives will have options to select from calculations and various types of filters and go through multiple steps to help them find exciting industries and occupations. All of that is compared to the Inquisitive's personality survey and desired occupational characteristics.

The Inquisitive will drill down to the individual Sage (only survey information, no personal information). There they will be able to view the Occupational Detail Characteristics Survey if filled out by the Sage. In addition, they will be able to determine which Sages are open to being a mentor.