Why Is Information From Sages So Important?

Self Confidence

Someone in an occupation will know a lot more than “experts” who don’t work in that occupation. So that person can very appropriately be called a Sage.

Why Important?

To this point, the majority of Inquisitives only have a few Sages around them. Usually, it is their parent(s) or guardian(s) along with a few family members, friends, and hopefully some incredible teachers, preachers, or the like. So the awareness of “what occupations are out there” can be minimal. The LifOpps conversation concept will allow those Inquisitives to have a Life Opportunity to become aware of so many other occupations. Those newly identified occupations might be exciting to the Inquisitive and fit their personality, interests, and goals.

Why Do The Inquisitives Need My Information?

Simple … you have experience, knowledge, and insights about your occupation(s), and that information is invaluable.

Do I Get Any Feedback?

Once the database gets large enough to be statistically accurate, and a sufficient number of occupations are represented, there will be tremendous value for the Inquisitives. LifOpps will allow Inquisitives to select “like ratings” and give comments.

Can I Be Honest?

Of course, you can be honest! But we do ask that you do it in a positive, open, and constructive way. The goal will be to lift someone, help them grow and improve and give them information critical to their occupational choice.